Move to the UK

PicMonkey CollageHealthcare professionals are in high demand in the UK from Europe. Work is available based on your specialisation, as well as location and preferences in the NHS and by private employers.


Nursing Positions


In the UK currently there is an urgent need for nurses, from permanent to short-term positions. In high demand are Registered Mental Nurses, Registered General Nurses, Nurse Mangers and specialist nursing jobs including A&E (Emergency Department), ITU (Intensive Care Unit), Paediatric, Scrub, Anesthetic and Recovery.

Popular Specialisations Where You Could Work 
  • General
  • Specialist (secondary sector)
  • School
  • Paediatric
  • Aged care
  • Midwives
National Health Service hospitals
London clinics
Private hospitals
Private companies
Private nursing homes
GP practices
Health screening clinics
Care homes
Occupational health units
Learning disability homes
Private home care

How Much You’ll Earn


Nurses are graded in seniority from grade A to grade I, with registered nurses beginning at grade D. Newly registered nurses can expect to start on a salary of around £17,000 which can increase to up to £30,000 at the most senior level I.

Private hospitals usually pay higher rates than NHS facilities, but in both environments you can expect a living allowance if you are situated in London (due to the higher cost of living in the capital) that can be up to £4,000 p.a. in addition to your salary as a registered nurse.

For more information on the process of re-location, our agents are ready to provide the details you require. Simply contact us and an agent will be in touch within 48 hours!




Additional Advantages


At Bridge Medical Recruitment Ltd, we only want the best for our clients, that’s why we’ve compiled a short list of reasons why UK is the place where you can excel in your career.

1. The culture of the UK is diversity friendly in most places and there is a general sense of individuality being a good thing. the cultural open-mindedness is good in most of the big cities, modern cosmopolitan areas and in remote wild areas.

2.The British Isles enjoy temperatures which are not as severe as the latitude might suggest. In the summer it can reach to temperatures close to 30 degrees Celsius!

3. The British currency is GB Pounds Sterling, which is one of the world’s best currencies. The British pound is more stable than almost all other world currencies, including the US dollar. Plus, the currency is better made. Pounds are worth more than dollars or euros, but the general stability of the currency is largely because of long-term backing up of the value of the currency with real assets.

4. Britain is a very safe place to live. Almost all danger has been eliminated from life, thanks to the hardworking police force. Society is founded upon strong moral obedience to the law, and actively work together to ensure safer living conditions.

5. Almost all your medical healthcare bills are paid for by the state. Yes, it’s true. Even if you are poor and have never paid into any insurance fund, if you live in the UK then the national government pays for your health care, even if you need a very expensive life-saving operation. Let’s not underestimate this, as most countries don’t have this.

6. The UK gives free school education to all children. University education and specialist education is well respected worldwide.

7. The UK is known internationally as one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Because of it’s distinct seasons and rich history, it is filled with historic landmarks and scenic routes to enjoy all year round.